Steven Campau MD

Dr. Steven Campau graduated in 1987 from Oakland University with a bachelor degree in Biochemistry with an emphasis in molecular genetics.  He earned his medical degree from Wayne State University in Detroit in 1993 and completed his residency at Detroit Receiving Hospital.  Dr. Campau is board certified in Internal Medicine.
For over 20 years Dr. Campau has provided healthcare services for the Illinois State line communities.  With an emphasis on adult medicine and diagnostics he has been able to alter the disease course in a favorable way for many patients.  He remains among the few who continue to personally provide inpatient and outpatient services for those who select him for their healthcare needs. 

Realizing that healthcare policy by the State's governing bodies shapes the terms under which these services are provided, Dr. Campau MD also serves on many committees at both the State and local level.  This has been done with the intent to improve the condition under which Illinois physicians practice medicine and the outcomes of patients.  With the continuous study of medicine and maintenance of Board Certification Dr. Campau has sought to keep his skills up to date so that those who use his services may benefit.  In summary Dr. Campau has made a career of pursuing Internal Medicine with the intent of providing high quality services for those who select him as their personal physician.